A Long Way Gone Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Host vs. A Long Way Gone
I had the movie The Host and it was a fantastic and very detailed movie. The Host is about a young girl whose body gets taken over by a soul. A soul is an alien that has been placed into a human body so that they can survive. This movie is definitely a science fiction movie, aliens have basically taken over the human race and the seekers are trying to get the last of the humans to become one of them. The whole movie is full of the alien species invading the world. The movie is based off of a book by Stephanie Meyer. The book is known as a romance novel. There are many differences between the book and the movie, the producers took out some of the book and just dived in for the movie. Basically The Host is more of
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But if you look at it from Melanie and her family and friends perspective there is conflict between them at first due to the fact that she is a soul and the seekers are going to be searching for her and draw them near her family and friends who are still human. In both The Host and A Long Way Gone there are people fighting to stay alive and not get killed or taken over by a parasitic alien. In A Long Way Gone Ishmael was fighting for his life by running from the rebels. In The Host Wanderer which has taken over Melanie’s body is trying to find her brother Jamie and her lover Jared. A Long Way Gone is a great book about Ishmael Beahs life while as a young boy who had most of his family killed by a group of younger guys known as the rebels. Beah got put into becoming a child soldier and had to learn how to use guns and weapons to stay alive. The themes of both of these books are very similar but with two completely different needs of staying alive. A Long Way Gone and The Host are both similar also in the way that they are hiding from the people who want to do harm to them and their friends and family. In both movies there are times where they are having to steal things to survive like food and medicines while in hiding or walking to try and

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