A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah Essay

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There are kids hesitate to watch the fireworks because of fears. They fear the darkness in the crowd, loud noises, and large crowds with people they don’t know. Fears won’t them to anywhere but it would have a sustained impression and it has a long term effect.They would try hard to avoid and escape from the situation. But not every kids are lucky enough to escape their fears. Number of children in Ivory Coast, one of the countries in Africa, suffers from “ soul eater” which tortures children through violence. Many kids had to gone through fears and violence. In the book A Long Way Gone (2007) by Ishmael Beah is about how Ishmael went through war and finally heals himself at UNICEF. Ishmael, Junior and Talloi and with their friends, Kaloko, Gibrilla, and Khalilou began to escape and keep themselves alive but they were separated and die during rebel’s attack. Ishmael kept running, and he met Musa, Alhaji, Kanei, Jumah, Moriba, and Saidu. He then start an escape journey with these kids. Children who used to live a normal life until the war completely changed them and transformed them into a whole different human being. No one in the country believed in kindness and love anymore. Children had to escape for their own lives. They had no choice but to join the military to kept themselves alive. Ishmael’s life was finally changed by UNICEF, he learn to forgive and gain back his humanity. There are few types of brainwashing method used in the military to keep the child soldiers…

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