A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah Essays

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Ishmael Beah experiences every stage of the war from running away from it to fighting in it, which drastically alters his opinion of violence throughout the book. In Ishmael Beah’s autobiography, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (2007), Ismael’s interactions and opinions of violence change from feeling separated from it, to advocating for it, to eventually being a strong voice against it. Beah endures all the hardships that come with being a boy stuck in the middle of a political war, and as a result, his attitude of violence at the end of the book is very contrasting to the beginning. To begin, at the beginning of the book, Ishmael starts by feeling totally separated to the violence, to suddenly running away from it. Although the fighting is near his village, as a young boy, Beah does not understand why there is a war, and what it can do. At once, Beah suddenly comes into contact with the war, “Gibrilla explained that the teachers had told them that the rebels had attacked Mogbwemo, our home. School had been canceled until further notice. We stopped what we were doing” (9). Suddenly, Beah does not feel separated from the violence. This is the first instance of him seeing what violence can do to people. This creates fear, and that is what causes him to start running away. At this point, Beah is mostly afraid of the violence and what comes with it. Beah’s view of the war is very limited at the beginning of the book, which leads to the fear that he and his friends…

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