A Little Bit of Soul and a Lot of Success Essay

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A Little Bit of Soul and a Lot of Success*


IN the fall of 1983, a young man from Houston, named Michael, enrolled in the University of Texas intending to major in pre-med as his parents had wished. While taking classes, he continued the business he had begun in high school, upgrading personal computers for friends and teachers—this time out of his dorm room. By the start of the second semester, he had made enough money to move himself (secretly) and the business to a condo. By semester's end, he had rented office space, hired a few employees, and officially launched the Dell Computer Corporation. University days were over, and a great American business success story had begun.
Ten years later at age 28,
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The company also had to cancel an ambitious product development line because it offered more technological sophistication than Dell's clients wanted to purchase. Both of those missteps were used by management to refocus on their core values of having only the minimum required inventory and paying close attention to the real needs of their customers. A couple years later Dell jumped into the booming electronic retail market, selling its brand at Best Buy and CompUSA. Dell then jumped right back out again—against the advice of all the business prophets—when it discovered that the company was that the company was not making money from those sales. Once again, a drift from the company's central vision of selling direct had harmed growth and profitability. (3)
Armed with the knowledge learned from these mistakes, the company was poised for greater success in the new millennium. Michael Dell's original investment of $1,000 had grown into an industry-leading corporation with more than $50 billion in sales in 21 years. Yet one serious crisis loomed, and it would test all that management had learned. CRASH
One year into the new century, the Internet bubble burst, and the stock market took a dive. With the global slump in technology sales, especially bad in the United States, Dell Computers stopped growing. In 2001, its stock price fell from $58 to approximately $16 a share. Most traumatic of all, the company had to implement its first

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