A Little Background Is Always Good Essay

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Before we get into the main topic I feel a little background is always good. In the American colonies Virginia was the first colony to have slaves in 1619. They were first treated as indentured servants still able to get their freedom after their work, some even once freed had their own indentured servants such as Anthony Johnson. The black population increased over the years; in 1625 they only had 23 slaves, in 1649 they only had 300, and in 1690 they had 950 slaves in Virginia. New England was next to have slaves and the were only slaves if they had one of the three requirements; they had to be captives of war, they sold themselves into slavery/ or the government sentenced them to slavery. In New England they were called “Strangers”. New York and New Jersey got their first slaves from the Dutch West India Company bring 11 slaves in 1625. But they still had some rights, they could be part of the church and the ministers could conduct marriages for them, children could be baptized, they could also testify in court as well as bring civil actions against whites and sign legal documents. When they fell to English control in 1660 they freed all slaves. In the Midwest, Mississippi River, and Louisiana slaves worked mainly in farms and mining no matter the gender. In the mid 18th century they were one third the population. The French first enslaved Native Americans and Africans were bought in the early 18th century as an effort to develop a colony. When England Economy started to…

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