A Linkage Between Dna Markers On The X Chromosome And Male Sexual Orientation

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But Sprigg fails to acknowledge Dr. Bailey experiment that contained 244 pairs of twins. Sprigg’s merit could be question because withholding information to support his argument is fraudulent. Although Dr. Bailey did conduct an experiment with 27 pairs of twins, he later conducted an experiment with 244 pairs of twin. By increasing the group size it also increased the accuracy. Hypothetically it can be assumed that if we were to test every pair of twins that contain the Xq28 gene, the percentage would increase with the test accuracy.
Furthermore, research has been done in order to locate the possible gay gene. In “A linkage between DNA markers on the X chromosome and male sexual orientation” geneticist, specifically Hamer, investigated family pedigrees and performed a linkage analyses on 114 families of homosexual men. It was discovered that same sex orientation were found in maternal uncles and male cousins but not on the paternal side suggesting that homosexuality is link to a gene on the maternal side. Sex-linked genes are genes that are heritable only on a specific sex chromosome, which in this case would be the X from the mother. 64% of siblings pair test lead to the discovery of a common linkage marker of the gene Xq28. Woman with higher fertility rate has been detected to have this gene marker and pass it down to their kids. It can be assumed that the reason for the homosexual gene to be present with a female’s high fertility rate is to increase the overall fitness.…

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