A Lifelong Addiction On Childhood Obesity Essay

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Humans are prone to sin. A simple truth that dates back to the garden of Eden. Since then, humans arrogated a mandate to fortify their societies from sins: lust, greed, envy, pride, wrath, laziness and gluttony. Yet is society today not full of sin? How can one eradicate the terrors to unearth the angelic roots of humanity? 33% of all Americans are obese. It has become impossible to deny that gluttony does not exist in America, and more importantly, in the children. Food is America 's addiction. Everyone harbors and hides addictions; these dependencies can be something to fear, or something to respect. In order to bring back the world to the roots of decency the sins must be chipped away. The only way to better ourselves is to overcome poisonous addictions and ferment positive ones. In order to create a lifelong addiction to healthy habits, the fundamentals of a war path on childhood obesity are found in Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. The students at Cherokee High School need to use the law of the few and start a lunch room student incentive program to promote healthy diets, and need to apply the Stickiness Factor by giving children freedom of choice in their government mandated physical activity. It is not a hidden fact the abject loathing students feel for their daily gym period. Through a transitive property that abject loathing becomes directed on exercise in general. The gym period has become a prerequisite to promote fitness. But how will it evoke a health…

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