A Letter For My Birthday Card Is The Sound Of My Grandmothers Birthday

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Handwriting Matters Crumple, crumple is the sound of my grandmothers birthday letter getting thrown in the trash. Why in the trash? My letter is not turning out the way I imagined or planned. I can 't think of the word that sounds better or smoothes fluently. My words are not between the lines, they are scattered all over the place like leaves in the fall. My grandmother always complements cursive but I can 't seem to remember how that goes. I just want this to be the best birthday card ever, but nothing is turning out the way I planned. Maybe if i got taught cursive I would remember how to write this lovely letter for my sweet grandmother on her fine birthday. As I try to continue to write, more and more go in the trash. Eventually I get tired of trying and just type it on my laptop, but the problem with the laptop is that the letter is not sentimental at all. This will have to do i say and continue to type away.
Have you ever wondered why your kids never bring home a notebook, but instead it 's a computer or tablet? Well if you have it 's because it 's true, technology is taking over our world, classrooms have resorted to using computers and tablets to do nearly all of their teaching and grading on. Yes it is more efficient and probably faster, but handwriting skills are a great feature to have. I agree that you also need strong computer and keyboard skills because, like I said technology is taking over the world. Not only do you see and use technology every day, but…

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