Essay about A Lesson Before Dying By Ernest Gaines

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With so much production and consumption of a plethora of different forms of media, too many people never need to need for it to be any different than how it is, never have to wish it would change. Too many people, unknowingly, take for granted something another group of people would weep with joy at finding. This is what being represented in the media can feel like. African Americans experience anywhere from negative representation to erasure from television, film, literature, and even the educational curriculum. This lack of active or positive representation stems from a long, complex history of slavery and racism. Even outside of history lessons, most books with prominent African American characters are set in times of slavery or the Jim Crow era. Make it quite relatable to modern day african americans. For example, Ernest Gaines’ novel: A Lesson Before Dying. In turn, it hinders their opportunities, their development of their sense of self, their self-esteem, their education, their sense of agency, ambition. It hinders them by manipulating them into self-handicapping their potential, and therefore their future. African Americans struggle immensely with high school dropout rates, and even if those are overcome, they are met with obstacle after obstacle in their journey towards higher education and beyond. It can be hard to maintain hope and hard work with so many discouraging norms set up against a single solitary person. However, there is hope through change. One of the…

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