African American Studies: Mandatory Discipline

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African American Studies focuses on the analytical study of the thoughts & practices of African people in the current and historical context. It aims to analyze and correct the established order that was set by the Europeans in the United States and most importantly; the world. For many, African American Studies was the pillar for which other groups can base their struggles and gain rightful representation in society. The areas that are highlighted within the curriculum aim for a cultural grounding, for academic achievement, and for social responsibility. African American Studies should be established as a mandatory discipline because it is inclusive to all, expresses an ideology for all, and induces a shift of mindset toward a new and better …show more content…
A major event that occurred with relation to the emergence of Black Studies was the struggle at San Francisco State University. This struggle was to create the first black studies department and to admit blacks into the university. However, these demands did not go without resistance from the university whom of which had staff members who were seen as completely rejecting Black liberation. Alphonso Pinkney explains “the struggle for black studies was seen as a necessary component of Black liberation and white resistance seen as an attempt to preserve black subordinate status in society.” In this sense, African American Studies is owed much respect and honor for standing up to the school system and taking the initiative to cause change. I myself have been a victim of discrimination at school with accordance to social groups at the University of California in Irvine. In my opinion, whites are much more sought after and chosen in Fraternities, and it is unfortunate that there is still so much bigotry in this so called “inclusive” campus. The existence of African American Studies in the university can be interpreted as a hero’s journey. The call to action …show more content…
The neighborhood in which the main characters live in is filled with poverty, death, and guns. Guns play a major factor in this movie because they are the be all end all throughout the movie and symbolize how easy it was for African Americans to get a hold of such guns. The movies stresses the fact that to get out of the horrible situation the main characters are in, they must first move past all the violence and take the path towards success. This path comprises of going to school which is quite ironic considering the fact that schools today are still widely Eurocentric. Ricky was the name of the teenager who was poised to enter university and was even getting offered a full ride to go to school. However, because of the violence that surrounded him, one trip to the grocery store is all it took for him to get gunned down by some thugs. “Boyz in the Hood” encompasses the true and harsh realities of living in these segregated areas. The creation of the movie took place around the same time that the “Watts Riots” occurred where Rodney King was beat to death by officers. The historical context adds more meaning and depth to the movie. In this case, Ice Cube was a black man attempting to tell a story thus being the agent of his own

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