A Leg Stand On By Oliver Sacks Essay

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A Leg to Stand On, by Oliver Sacks, is a written narrative about Oliver Sacks and his personal struggles. Sacks depicts the story of his self-induced disability, the mental/physical barriers he faced within recovery, and acceptance. Sacks broke down this process into seven steps: the mountain, becoming a patient, limbo, quickening, Solvitur Ambulando, convalescence, and understanding. Along with the physical and mental barriers he faces within this journey, he encounters differing macro/micro contextual issues. These issues include problems with his doctors, with his self-identification, and body ego. Sacks grew up as an athletic individual, his health being a main priority throughout his life. He talks about how he grew up valuing his physical health more than anything, appreciating what his body could do and using it to its fullest advantage. Within his physical training, he trained to climb a mountain called Hardanger Fjord. While climbing this mountain, he expresses how his body is an instrument in which he plays, and uses to create the music of his physical endurance. When he reaches the peak of the mountain he encounters a sign warning him of dangerous bulls on the mountain. Him thinking he is a superior being and superior to this warning, he continues his hike. Suddenly he is faced with the danger of this deadly bull, frozen in place from his own fear. At first he sees the beauty within the bull, but when he realizes the danger he is in, the bull became ugly and…

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