A Leadership Role Of The New Zealand Defence Force 's ( Nzdf ) Psychology Branch

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In five years time I aim to be in a leadership role in the New Zealand Defence Force 's (NZDF) psychology branch. Specifically I am aiming towards a command role as a project leader in on of the areas of specialisation with the psychology branch of the NZDF, but preferably the in the area of training and development. In this role I intend to continually build upon and refine my own skills as a leader and within my area of specialization. I also intend - where it is both possible and practical, but not yet implemented - to increase the use of technological media within my project area, as well as within the organisation as a whole. Also the NZDF is extremely culturally diverse so I intend as a leader to continue embracing this, inline with the organisational culture, but also to build better cultural acceptance within the organisations units, such as between civilians and NZDF personnel, this will be beneficial in the long run both internally, to the people and the organisation, and externally, to the organisation and the greater network spanning out from the NZDF.
My vision included a push for increasing technological methods in the organisation, which is consistent with the literature: the ongoing development of technology media has lead to increasing expectations that leaders will rely on this form of media to conduct key organisational tasks (Avolio, Kahai & Dodge, 2001; Avolio & Kahai, 2003). This expectation suggests that leaders need to be technology proficient, but…

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