Essay about A Kid Growing Up At The University Of California

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“As a kid growing up in Compton life was not that bad” said Michael Callaghan a 20-year-old, fourth year, undergraduate engineer major at the University of California, Los Angeles. “I mean I was blind to the fact that it was bad. See as a kid what you recall as the good life can be really something shady. I remember running down the halls in my apartment and playing games like step over the broken tile. If you stepped on a broken tile you were out. (Laughs) My biggest worry back then was making sure I wasn’t out.” Michael Callaghan reflects on the bliss of ignorance and how that gave him peace as a kid. “See as a teen you begin to wake up because you got to. I had to play dad to 5 younger siblings while mom was at work. Mom work so hard and always said her day was good even if her face said something else. Going through middle school was tough, man. I mean a 12 year old boy playing dad and kid. I don’t know how I did it man”. Michael Callaghan grew up in a single parent home, in one bedroom apartment with 5 younger siblings. His mother worked for a cleaning service during the day and a waiter at a local diner at night. “Not thinking about my responsibilities as a man would have been careless and there’s no time to be lacking on responsibilities where I am from.” Michael referring to his self as a man came fluid. The word flowed out of his mouth with no hesitation. He knew literally he was still a kid but in so many ways at the age of 12 that innocence had vanished.…

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