Obstacles In Education

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Education has been a part of human life for centuries. Even though education is not equal for each person, it has provided humans with the ability to advance and become the most predominant species on earth. For humans have continuously proven that they can overcome every obstacle put in their way. Without school, humans would be far less likely to overcome these obstacles. In order for humans to continue to be able to overcome new obstacles, they have to be able to not only advance themselves but also education. Obviously, the human race has discovered this already. They continue to change schooling and make it more important for students to graduate from high school. As graduating high school becomes more important, it has been noticed that …show more content…
“Yet parental involvement is one of the most overlooked aspects of American education today” (Get Involved). What many parents do not realize is that they are their child’s most important teacher (Twenty Ways). Children model the actions of their parents. So, if the child’s parents are not involved in school, the child begins to think, “If my parents do not care about my education, then why should I?” After this, the already struggling student begins to think that school is no longer important and starts the transformation from trying to do his or her homework to not even attempting his or her homework. As if the student giving up on school is not enough, the parents remain oblivious to everything happening with the child until it is too late. Once this point is reached, the “magic wand,” that parents think teachers have, is far off from being able to help the child (WeAreTeachers). If the parents of a child like this would have contacted and been in touch with the school, and not have waited for the school to contact them, the parents would have been able to help their son or daughter be more successful in school (Get Involved). But even after parents hear about this, parental involvement still remains at the top of the overlooked aspect of education today (Get …show more content…
Some of these include medicating students with learning disorders, providing teachers with an extra adult in the room to help out, and differentiation. Each of these is a good idea, but none of these have completely resolved the issue. In fact, some of them have fixed one problem and then created another problem. Over time, it has become more popular to medicate students who have learning disorders, but medication does not fix everything and it also does not take away the distractions that arise from technology and large class sizes. Then there was an extra adult put in the classroom. This extra adult provides the teacher with an extra set of helping hands, but while it is easier to help students, it is still not possible for two teachers to help all twenty plus students in a classroom. Finally, differentiation allows strong students to excel in school and get further along and then allows struggling students to slow down and get extra help from the teacher. While this is a good idea, the teacher still has to teach the high, middle, and low separately. This mean that teachers have to find enough time in the day to do this, which causes things to take longer than they should and prevent the teacher from being able to get through everything that they want to get through. Overall, none of these previous solutions have reached their full potential.
Most of the previous solutions tried are

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