A Interview About Esol Program And Let 's Begin Essay

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- Hello, Mrs. Carroll. Thank you for your desire to give us Interview about ESOL program and let’s begin!
- You know that a good reporter always gives his or her subject questions ahead of the time to be prepared. (Both of us laughing)
- Mrs. Carroll, do you know how long there has been an ESOL program in our school?
- Yes! Almost 40 years!
- Wow!
- Mrs. Paulie, who was my predecessor and who retired in 2013 opened the program, when she was about 21 or 22 years old and I think she told me that she had run this program for 36 years and this is my third year as an ESOL director so this means it is almost 40 years that the program has been active here. It started off very small and it just blew up! (Both of us laughing)
- How would you evaluate your experience as an ESOL teacher in George Washington High School?
- It has been some of the happiest years of teaching of my life! and I can’t say any more than that.
- And why did you decide to be an ESOL teacher?
- I fell into it by accident. I was a history teacher and one day I was substituting because there were no history jobs and I walked into the ESOL class and I got fascinated by it. ESOL is a strange combination of history and culture matched together and so it was what I studied for and what I wanted to do and Walla! I came back to school to become an ESOL teacher.
- Nice!…..What are the several methods of teaching an ESOL program and how effective is it?
- Ways and methods….. Do you mean how do you teach it or how is it…

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