A Human Is Like A Pyramid Essay

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A human is like a pyramid. Pyramids can only stand strong if its base is constructed properly. The same concept applies with humans. We can only stand strong if we have a well constructed base. The base that creates a strong human is our childhood and the construction of our basic needs. Some theorists have the same idea, and other theories support my idea that a human is a pyramid.
My favorite theorist supports my idea entirely and he is Erik Erikson. Erikson invented the eight stages that humans go through during life; Trust vs. Mistrust, Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt, Initiative vs. Guilt, Industry vs. Inferiority, Identity vs. Role Confusion, Intimacy vs. Isolation, Generativity vs. Stagnation, and Integrity vs. Despair. These stages must be completed before moving onto the next one, and it’s possible to be stuck in a stage of development. Trust Vs. Mistrusts starts when you are born and until you are a year old. Trust is essential for a healthy self esteem for children, when this need isn’t met children could have trust issues and social issues after they are a year old because they didn’t find a sense of trust during this stage of their life. Infants who are properly cared for will develop a sense of trust. If an infant does not find trust their self esteem is compromised.
Autonomy Vs. Shame and doubt is between the ages of two and three. During this stage is when a child 's self esteem grows.
Initiative vs. Guilt is between the ages of four and five. During these…

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