A Human Being And A Chimpanzee Essay

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A human being and a chimpanzee are quite similar not because of physical features but because of the DNA, they inherit and what makes these species so unique to one another. All living cells contain DNA, which is the basic unit for growing, reproducing, and surviving. DNA, Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid is comprised of 4 different types of bases; adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine that are proteins. These 4 bases rely on each other because of adenine pairs up with thymine, while cytosine pairs up with guanine. These different types of pairs rely on each other so that they can continue the process of making base pairs. If there is an omission, it will result in a mutation in the sequence and this will have to undergo the process of gene therapy. It is truly amazing to think that the physical features are diverse, yet the DNA side of humans and chimpanzees are a few chromosomes away from being identical. As a result, humans share 99% of our own DNA with every other human being. Now that’s something to think about. Your best friend that doesn’t look anything like you essentially has equivalent DNA as you do. Now on that note, think about this, your parents have 99.5% of the exact same DNA. People question how DNA makes us different and how we are different if we have that close of a match. To start, we humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and 46 total. Total of 22 of these pairs are identical to male and female which is called autosomes. Now the 23rd pair is the…

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