A Hero As A Hero In Beowulf

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“I 'm saying to be a hero is means you step across the line and are willing to make a sacrifice. Heroes always take a risk. Heroes are always doing something that most people don’t and want to be change - I want to democratise heroism to say any of us can be a hero” (Zimbardo). This quote helps to show that Beowulf is a hero because in the text Beowulf takes the risk of killing Grendel when no one will do so, and was willing to sacrifice himself for the dane people.A hero is defined as someone who has courage, noble qualities and makes sacrifices others will not. In the epic poem Beowulf, the main character Beowulf is heavily expressed as a hero because he is always coming to the rescue of the Danes’ when they are in the most need and no one …show more content…
In the text Hrothgar gives Beowulf a lot of power, and trusts him to slay Grendel, which Hrothgar was not given his trust to anyone else. “Never since my hand could carry a sword and shield have I trusted anyone other than my own people to guard this mighty hall. Keep in your mind your great deeds, and let the fearsome fiend know the strength of your skill” (274). The king is giving Beowulf power to kill Grendel, that he has not given to anyone else. But in return expects Beowulf to be loyal to him and his people. The theme in the film is that in order to be a good hero you have to be loyal to your king, and if you are not then bad things will happen to you and the people around you. When Beowulf comes back and says he killed Grendel’s mother, he was lying and Hrothgar suspected that he was being unloyal. After Beowulf lies to King Hrothgar about slaying Grendel’s mother, all of the events in the film start to decline. For example Hrothgar commits suicide, and about 50 years later the dragon who is Beowulf’s son comes to destroy the city. With the dragon wanting to destroy the city it leads to mass destruction and the death of Beowulf, and all of this happened because Beowulf has unloyal to Hrothgar about killing Grendel’s mother. The theme is present here in the film when Beowulf is unloyal to Hrothgar, which lead to all the bad things happening at the end of the film. The theme is important in the film because it is shows how being loyal to the person who gives you power can lead to mass destruction of everything around you, and even the deaths of people. In the text the theme is present when Beowulf is loyal to Hrothgar by slaying Grendel’s mother, which lead to Beowulf being rewarded with many gifts and praise from Hrothgar and his people. In the film the theme is present when Beowulf lies to Hrothgar about slaying Grendel’s mother, which lead to all the events in the film

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