Essay on A Helping Hand

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A Helping Hand
“ Hola mi nombre es Eric Rodriguez. Gustarian un interprete?” I ask those exact words to any families of that did not speak English in their homes that had a student at Washington Elementary School as if I was a scratched CD. Most of the families I would interpret for were the families that lacked the confidence that their student was behaving well during school. The majority of the time the parents “gut feeling” was the correct. At the same time, several parents knew their child was a model student, but requested an interpreter due to the child’s lack of ability to switch back and forth between both languages. In fact, this assisted my definition for service. Furthermore, my definition for service is the willingness to assist others not for the money, but to assist others in need to a certain extent. As an example, interpreting for families during parent-teacher conferences or school activities. Most of the time, there is a feeling of self-achievement after, yet those emotions assist making the service project relevant to this course. For instance, before one may be feel irritated about comprising their valuable time to do community service, yet after one might feel as if they did something amazing after helping other that are less fortunate. In my case, I love assisting parent’s gain more information about how their child is performing academically and behaviorally. Once the parents understand that their child is not performing academically or not behaving…

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