A Healthy Assessment Interview With My Client Who I Will Call

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Many people are unaware that when they first encounter a nurse for the first time, for care in a hospital or clinic setting they have begun the Health Assessment interview. This interview is usually done as a conversation therefore it appears trivial to the client, however it’s a conversation with a purpose. The nurse is using interpersonal skillfulness to collect subjective and objective data. This data is then processed and will help the nurse and other health care professional provide adequate care for the client. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate a healthy assessment interview with my client whom I will call MJ.
Demographic Data
When clients first come to a healthcare setting they are instructed to fill out new patient forms that ask them about age, race, gender, ethnicity, education, religion, medication background information that ask about past surgery, family history and present medical problem. This demographic data will give the nurse a better understanding about the client and their culture. Cultures are important in health assessment. “People from different cultures may interpret symptoms differently; therefore, asking the right questions is imperative for you to gather data that are accurate and meaningful”, (Jarvis, 2016, p. 8). MJ was placed in the exam room while her demographic data was looked over and it stated she is a 35-year-old Jamaican women who is a Jehovah witness with no past surgery and is currently on no medication. She is a college…

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