A Hawaiian And White Family Essay

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Growing up in a Hawaiian/white family I have always been surrounded by both cultures; from experiencing what it means to be a local in Hawaii, to experiencing a Haole (or white) culture. I have seen it all in regards to how each culture is different, along with how each culture reacts to one another; however, there is one issue, that when observing both sides of these cultural backgrounds, we see repeated over and over again between the two-that issue is racism. “Prejudice and discrimination are not alien to Hawai’i. Attitudinal surveys show definite racial preferences and sensitivity to color differences.” (Schaefer, pg 278)
While a lot of this racism is said to be tied to the migration of the “multicultural nature of the Islands” (pg 278), the root of this issue for the majority of white people lies in the history of the Islands becoming property of the United States. (Terms, pg 9)
Upon reviewing historical records, the Hawaiian Islands - united during King Kamehameha’s reign in 1810 - became an appealing location for the migration of plantation operators due to abundant sugar crops. . (Independence Hall in Philadelphia, 2008) Since the 1840’s, the American government had been watching the Islands, and seeking the chance to get a “foot in the door”. (Finally, the time came when Hawaii began to seek out a valued trade partner to increase income through trade, but wished to continue to be allowed to govern independently. (Kinsner,2006) In response to this news, the…

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