Essay on A Group Decision Making Process

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A person’s knowledge that some people will be on their side and others will not, helps to shape their social identity (Hinsz & Nickell, 2004). Through conformity groups are able to shape group members way of thinking and thus individuals will adjust their attitudes and conduct to that of the group (Hart, 1998). Previously, I had overheard two staff members discussing the short comings of the last director and their disappointment in how things turned out, so I felt it was odd they did not feel as free discussing it at the staff meeting with the larger group. Instead, they were agreeing with the general comments made by the other staff members during the group discussion. In a group decision making process, the group may agree on issues all together or there could be some disagreements that may split the group. If such a group is cohesive and its members agree on most issues, they will suppress dissent because harmony is the group’s ultimate anticipation. A major group decision I witnessed at the GLCF pertained to the decision to reject an organization’s proposal for failing to upload the proper documents for the 2015 Discretionary Grant program. While I was reviewing the proposal submissions for the grants, I noticed that a few organizations did not meet the requirement for the Grant program and will have to be disqualified automatically. I noticed that one organization in particular met the requirement but had submitted the wrong form with their application. I brought…

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