A Great And Terrible Beauty Essay

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A Great And Terrible Beauty

As a child, the first stories we are told are tales of magic and wonder of beautiful and brave princesses, the usual stories that let our imaginations thrive and explore. They keep our hopes and dreams alive, and can also provide an escape from the depressing world we all live in. In A Great And Terrible Beauty, the author Libba Bray builds a world where Gemma and her group of friends can only visit in their dreams. Gemma and her friends are whisked away to the Realms, where they can forget the troubles of their own life. The novel is very powerful based on the character 's development, the settings and the power of choices as the central theme. The connection between characters and their location in a novel is very fascinating because of how the characters resembles the personality of the place.

Born and raised in colonial India in 1895, Gemma wants nothing more than to leave the hot plains of India for the civilized world of London, England. Gemma has not been getting on very well with her mother because her mother refuses to take her to London. Gemma tries hard to persuade her mother to take to take her to London, Gemma says, “ Yes, I am sixteen. An age at which most decent girls have been sent for schooling in London” (Bray 4). No matter how hard Gemma tries, her mother would still refuse to take her. Gemma vexes her mother so that she is told to return home but before she leaves her mother gives her a crescent shaped amulet necklace.…

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