A Good System For Measuring The Quality Of A School Essay

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Is this a good system? Why or why not?

SQR’s Multiple Tools and Outcome Measures

The SQRs is a good system for measuring the school quality, but the systems still needs improvements. The SQR proves to be a good system because it uses multiple tools and measures to gauge the quality of a school. The SQRs include the QR using qualitative measures to observe whether a school can support student achievement. Moreover, the SQR includes measures state of test outcomes for students; the percentage of students who are going to college; parent, teacher and student satisfaction with school instruction, school culture, and the schools uses of resources (NYC School Survey Report). Furthermore it proves to be a good system because it includes outcome measurements in terms of student state test outcomes. According to Ammons (2008), outcomes or effectiveness measures have high managerial and policy value (p.10). Outcome measures gauge the service quality of a program reflecting the impact and to the extent the program is meeting its objectives (Ammons, 2008, p. 10).

Furthermore all of these measures were aligned with the DOE’s goal of preparing students for college and future careers. The DOE also madegood use of SMART objectives. According to Callahan (2004), a performance measurement system should include a few important indicators that directly relate to the goals and objectives of an agency (p. 2). Specifically, two to three meaningful indicators should be identified…

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