Essay on A Good Muslims One Must Love The Prophet ( Pbuh )

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In order to be good Muslims one must love the Prophet (PBUH). To love someone for a long period of time one must love the perfections of the person’s qualities.
In the hadith, seerah and Quran there are many instances were the great characteristics of the Prophet (PBUH) are talked about. These tell us that the Prophet (PBUH) was merciful from a young age, was trusted by everyone he met and had ultimate consideration for the things around him
For forty years before prophet hood and the revelation Quran, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was undeniably known to have the greatest morals. His tribe knew him as ‘As-Sadeeq Al-Ameen’, which means the honest and trustworthy. This means that the prophet’s honesty and trustworthiness surpassed all others in his tribe, this tells us that his nature was unique and treasured.
The people around Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would think of him as the most trustworthy and the greatest amount of faith in him. They would say things such as, “If you want to entrust your wealth for safeguarding, entrust it to this trustworthy, honest man, for he will never touch it. If you look for someone who never tells a lie and never breaks his word, go directly to Muhammad, because whatever he says is true.” Gülen, F. (2000).
In the seerah there are many instances where the trustworthiness of the prophet (PBUH) is illustrated. One example that exemplifies the trust that people had in the Prophet (PBUH) happened in the beginning of his prophet hood. One day he had called…

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