A Good Living Environment Essay

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1.1 Background
According to 1945 Constitution of Indonesia article 28 H section 1, every person has the right to earn a living on the prosperous, resides, and got a good environment and healthy. The environment has an important role in the daily life of each person in the activity meet the necessities of life and are very influential for the health of everyone that will affect the development of each person per day.
Based on the above statement, then the Government needs to be more instrumental in fulfilling the right of every person to earn a good living environment, and it takes an important role of the community in order to appreciate the right to earn a good living environment for each individual. In line with the above, the Government of the city of Yogyakarta have some authority as a subject of law of which is to provide zoning for smoking and non-smoking, and restricting the sale of cigarettes to anyone.
According to the law number 36/2009 on Healthy article 115 section 2, Local Government is obliged to establish non-smoking areas in its territory, and based on the section 1 there are several zones which are non-smoking zones, health care facilities, the place of teaching and learning, place the child 's play, places of worship, public transport, workplace, and public areas and other places that are set.
In the Government Regulation number 109/2012 on Safeguarding Materials Containing Addictive Substances in The Form of Tobacco Products for Health article 1 section 3…

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