A Global Context : Noah Webster, Charity School And The Native Americans

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There were a lot of events and people that influenced the foundations our education and schools. In the first five chapters of the book A Global Context: From the Puritans to the Obama Administration it talks about thinking critically about history, globalization and religion in colonial education, nationalism multiculturalism and moral reform in the new republic, the ideology and politics of the common school and the common school and the threat of cultural pluralism. Some important people and events talked about in the first five chapters were Noah Webster, charity school and the Native Americans.
Noah Webster had a big influence on education in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Noah Webster still has influences on our education today. He was born in 1758 in Connecticut. Webster completed his first spelling book A grammatical Institute of the English Language in 1783. He completed two more books after the first one. In 1784 he wrote a grammar book and his third book was a reader. Webster was a school teacher and he developed a new way of instructing. By 1875 he had sold 75 million copies of his books. His books taught reading and writing. He wanted his books to teach people to be good and patriotic Americans. He wanted to create an American language. On page 50 Webster’s biographer said “this unified series of textbooks effectually shaped the destiny of American education for a century.” Webster thought that moral and political values had to be taught to the child.…

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