A Functionalist Perspective On Celebrity Gossip Essay

1233 Words Sep 29th, 2016 5 Pages
Celebrity gossip today is everywhere and has become easily accessible due to the advanced technology that delivers it right to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But what purpose does this celebrity gossip serve beside the obvious of entertaining the public? Taking a look, I found that it most certainly does serve a higher purpose and as able to determine this by taking a structural functionalist perspective, a conflict theorist perspective, and a symbolic interactionist perspective.

When I first began to read through the different articles and analyze the headings, pictures, and comments on TMZ, I adapted a structural functionalist perspective. Structural functionalist theory assumes that society is a unified whole and functions only because each structure makes certain necessary contributions. Celebrity gossip in society then serves to unite the general public as well as bring the sometimes private stories of each celebrity to the public 's eye whether to entertain or inform. The cohesion aspect of celebrity gossip is prominently seen in the comment section of each story that I examined, most noticeably in the article "Jose Fernandez Hit Miami Party Spot 90 Minutes Before Crash." This article 's comment section showed that those who accused the baseball player of having the privilege of an athlete even after his death joining together accusing the authorities of sugar coating the incident and neglecting the fact that there could have been drugs or alcohol…

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