A Friday Night, And Brent Moser Essay

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It’s a Friday night, and Brent Moser is in the limbo period between his last class at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the two of his part time jobs, working behind the counter at the local Starbucks. To others, it might just be another six-hour shift, but to Moser, today is an important day: payday. Brent works 35 hours a week on top of his classes. Roughly, Moser makes $600 every two weeks. “I instantly put 450 dollars into my savings account when I get paid, and survive on the remaining 150 for the next two weeks.” It sounds rough, but Moser has it better than a lot of poorer students, the majority of which never even make it to college. He’s been working since he was 16 because he knew that he wanted to go to college, and all the money he’s saved up has paid for less than 10% of his costs. “I know it’s not a lot, but I’m dedicated to making it work out, not only for me, but for my parents. They always wanted to go to college and not suffer the same fate that they did.” Being a first generation college student, Moser almost had his dreams of attending college crushed by his family’s financial status combined with record high sticker prices for college courses, even with the financial aid that he received. Moser isn’t the only one to feel this way, except most students who reach this point tell themselves that they’ll never be able to afford it, and give up altogether. While college enrollment rates are up across the board, according to the Census Bureau, the…

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