A Few Methods Help Increase Alcohol Abuse Essay examples

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A Few Methods to Help Decrease Alcohol Abuse
Throughout the many struggles of life, many people all over the world have found a common solution to their problems. Alcohol, a substance that allows the person who is consuming it to become unconscious to reality for a short time period. When abused constantly, alcohol can become an addiction and a very hard habit to break. With the right help, this addiction can be defeated, and what better people to help than your own family? A more involved and attentive family can help to decrease alcohol abuse, by exploiting a couple of different methods. The foremost important detail to decrease alcohol addiction is to be willing to speak up and take control. Breaking an addiction is difficult, so it is very likely that the abuser will most likely not succeed on the first try. Being ready and able to report all slip-ups and any sign of alcohol use are also essential. Even though it might be hard to not tattle tale on your own family member just remembers the good that will come out in the end. Set limits and always keep to your word, let the person be aware that you are committed and serious about this change and will not become distracted. Lastly, giving hope and letting the abuser know that you are there can always do some good. When letting them become aware that you’re there they are less likely to give up and more than likely to not want to let you down. Being aware of the abuser 's location is essential in the process of…

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