A Famous Proverb Of The Jesuits ' Faith States Essay

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A famous proverb of the Jesuits’ faith states, “Give me the child until he is seven and I care not who has him thereafter." This quote demonstrates the importance of a child’s cognitive and intellectual development during early childhood. Furthermore, it expresses the benefits that learning at an earlier age has on the overall impact of a person’s wellbeing. A keen observation can be made that what a child learns in earlier life stages while affect their future stability, therefore, our education systems should reflect said notion. By not doing so we are hindering the growth of our country financially and educationally!
When a country is facing economic stress, several programs will have their budgets altered to accommodate for the changes. It has been brought to my attention that there are impending budget cuts to education programs throughout the United States. In addition, early childhood projects are also losing funding. These education modules are an essential function in our society because these programs provide enrichment activities for children living in low class. With Louisiana being one of the most prominent states to cut education budgets like gardener’s trimming hedges, federal programs must flourish to ensure Louisiana residences are prepared for education endeavors. In the mist of the entire budget cut fiasco, Winn Parish must make a stand. A stand for education and the future of the children of the community must be made by legislators. Winnfield should…

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