A Fable Of Witchcraft By Arthur Miller Essay examples

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A Fable of Witchcraft “He who tells a lie is not sensible how great a task he undertakes; for he must be forced to invent twenty more to maintain that one.” (Alexander Pope). Arthur Miller proves this point very strongly in his dramatic work, The Crucible. One of the main themes in this story is that of lying and how a simple lie can create chaos, more lies and overreactions. In the tragedy, The Crucible, Arthur Miller suggests that when people tell a lie that the situation can quickly spiral out of control and more lies will unfold to build upon the one already told; as a result of her series of lies, Abigail Williams became so uneasy that she left Salem, proving that liars never win. From the beginning Abigail’s true colors are revealed. When questioned by her uncle, Reverend Parris, about the events that ensued in the woods she maintains a polite ladylike presents and protests his accusations. When left alone with her friends and cousin she is vulgar and crude, She even threatened the girls lives if they told anyone what really happened. Eventually, when questioned insistently by Reverend Hale, Abigail begins to becomes nervous and instinctively pushes the blame on the African American slave, Tituba. “Abigail: I never sold myself! I’m a good girl! I 'm a proper girl! She made me do it! She made Betty do it!...She makes me drink blood!” (Miller, 43). Abigail so easily blames someone who she considers unimportant, but almost immediately after Reverend Hale shows…

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