A Essay About A Disease Suffered By A Family

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A Disease Suffered by a Family
After getting my spanking from not eating the food on my plate from dinner, I sat in my bedroom on a cold, rainy, dark night and pondered why do people get sick? Why do some diseases have a cause but no cure? I lived with a family member that suffered from a very depressing, harmful, and excruciating disease. One of the hardest challenges I have ever had to do in my life is watching my stepdad that was so close to my heart, slowly lose the person he once was. It changed the person I knew by transforming my step-dad into a monster, as well as changing the family members caring for him; therefore, I learned life-changing lessons from the memories I went through with him, and how to grow as a person from them. Although my family was your “typical” middle class family, the problems started at home, and didn’t leave the house. My mom was a homemaker and my step-dad, Jimmy, was in the Army. When my family stepped out the house, the attitudes towards one another did a complete 360. Everyone in public would see us with smiles and tons of make-up on to cover up the bruises. As soon as the door shut behind you to enter the house, the smiles and giggles were far-gone. The house became silent of happiness, but filled with screaming and cries of unhappiness. While doing small chores around the house, I would have to take hours to do them so it would be just perfect for me to get dessert at dinner. At dinner, I was very careful about what I said in front…

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