A Dream Play By August Strindberg Essay

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A Dream Play written in 1901 by August Strindberg, remains one of Strindberg’s most influential and possibly most admired works. There is no real chronological order of events, events are more like dreams, creating surrealism. The characters split, double and multiply, they evaporate, age and meld together all in a matter of moments. However there is one soul that hold them all together, that of the goddess, who moves through each dreamers story, feeling the pain and agony of human life, eventually feeling as if the silver thread that connects her to her heaven has snapped and she can no longer be saved. The plays connection to language, movement and emotion also has a strong connection to that of a surrealistic genre. Working with influences of Japanese Noh theatre helped us to create a dream-like state without actually having to put our audiences to sleep in order for them to feel the dream.
From the first reading of the script it was clear there was never going to be a clear storyline and we as a cast needed to make the meaning out of the words on the page. After a thorough reading of the script it was clear that the central character of the Goddess needed to be spilt in two as it made more sense for a goddess to not reveal herself until she thought it was necessary but instead hide herself behind a regular human who has goddess like qualities. With my role as the ‘Earth-Bound’ goddess it was clear she makes a particular however unclear journey with her time on earth.…

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