A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essays

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What is the real role that woman played in the family back in the 1800’s? In his play, A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen exposed to this interrogative. Through the movie we can see the protagonist, Nora Helmer, to be blackmailed and force to keep secrets for saving the life of her husband 's by committing counterfeit. Nora seems to have fortunately married to Torvald Helmer. Her husband is a lawyer who had been promoted to a director of prestigious bank. The Helmer family has three little children. Because of a Torvald’s serious illness in the beginning of their marriage, Nora was forced take borrowed money in secret from Mr. Krogstad in order to keep stand the family. Nora forges her dying father’s signature instigated by Mr. Krogstad, as a security of the borrowed money. No matter Nora’s effort on cutting budget and intend to make extra money, she still in debts with Mr. Krogstad. The unfortunate events unchained when Nora tries to help an old friend, Ms. Linde, to find a job in her husband bank; ignoring that vaunted position was occupied by the borrower. This provoked the dismissing of Mr. Krogstad which desperation, he blackmailed Nora by telling the truth about the money and the forgery to her husband if she cannot make conscience to Torvald of maintaining him in his bank’s position. As a consequence, the desperation of Nora, leads her to look for help with Mrs. Ranks, another family friend, but at the same time she was convinced that her husband will blame himself for her…

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