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In the story A Doll’s House, Henrik Isben coerces Nora into believing that money is the key to happiness. Money is something that everyone needs in today's world. People can not pay for necessities such as food; thus people would not survive without money. The world is based on money and there are different ways in which money is used. There are the rich who have either inherited their wealth or obtained great jobs that pay well. The rich use their money for things that they need but also they have things that they can do without. Next is the middle class, who may have money but the husband and wife are both working to make ends meet. The middle class can still participate in extra activities, though not as much as the rich because they have …show more content…
Last there is the poor, the people of this group work very hard but most likely do not get paid enough for the work that they are putting in. These people work and then have to pay bills and hope they have enough money to eat. People with more money tend to be less appreciative of what they have because everything they have ever wanted has always been given to them and the poor have to work for what they have and that still might not even be enough to get by. By the end of the play, the readers understand that money is not all that the character Nora thinks it is, rather that it leads to evil. In A Doll’s House, the author Henrik Isben uses symbolism and irony to analyze money and how it influences families and relationships. Henrik Isben uses many different literary devices throughout the story, though symbolism emerges as one of the most prominent devices. Symbolism is used through the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree symbolizes family, happiness, and unity. Nora likes Christmas time because it is a time for her to show off her money to others. She also likes the presents, and this time allows her to buy all the …show more content…
The children have grown up being taken care of by their nannie. Nora cares for her children and makes sure they have everything they need. “I couldn’t let my children be shabbily dressed; I have felt obliged to use up all he gave me for them, the sweet little darlings”! This quote shows that Nora does care for her children and will use Torvald’s money on them to make sure they have everything they need. Nora was always there, but the nannie raised her children. Nora even thinks that her children would be fine if she left them and did not return. Their children are privileged in ways that they do not even know about and how their parents will always have someone to take care of

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