A Diverse Folk Healing System Practiced By Many Mexican Americans

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Latinos are the largest ethnic minority group in the United States (O’Connell, 2016). With a population of approximately 45 million, they now constitute 14% of the total U.S. population (O’Connell, 2016). The Latino population is extremely diverse across a number of measurements including country of origin, immigration status, language use, ethnic and racial background, religious and spiritual beliefs, and generation in the United States (O’Connell, 2016). The majority of Latinos in the United States identify themselves as Christian, with approximately 90% declaring themselves Catholic (O’Connell, 2016). In addition to following religions such as Catholicism and Protestantism; Curanderismo, Santeria, and Espiritismo also may be included in the belief systems of some Latino subgroups (Ortega, et. Al., 2006). Curanderismo is a diverse folk healing system practiced by many Mexican Americans, which includes beliefs originating from Greek humoral medicine, early Judeo-Christian healing traditions, the Moors, and Native American traditions (Ortega, et. Al., 2006). A main principle of this belief system is that illness is caused by natural forces, supernatural forces, or a combination of the two (Rao, Feinglass, & Corrigan, 2007). This is important to know because it is believed that Latinos are more likely to seek the help of curanderos or clergy prior to seeking medical care for their illnesses (Ribas, & Lam, 2010)..
The stigma of having a mental illness is one of the most…

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