Essay A Discussion Of Nature Vs. Nurture

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The famous discussion of nature vs. nurture was somewhat interrupted by the realization that both aspects, genetics and environment, have important input in individuals. By combining the studies of genetics and psychology it is possible to correlate results from the fields and search for possible, and hopefully specific, genes involved in the expression of certain traits. For instance, Poulin et al (2011) explored the relationship between receptor genes of oxytocin and vasopressin and prediction of prosocial behavior. In this particular study, Poulin et al (2011) intended to “examine whether oxytocin and vasopressin interact with threat to predict prosocial behavior outside the contexts of the laboratory and close relationships” by examining “three genetic variants… G allele of the OXTR variant rs53576, … and the long forms of the AVPR1a variants rs1 and rs3” previously linked to have effects (p. 447), as well as polymorphisms predicting prosocial behaviors (p. 447). Although there were no predictions made, the study hypothesized that “the rs53576 G allele … should predict greater levels of prosocial behavior … [and] should buffer the connection between perceived threat and prosocial behavior” than tha A allele (p.447). In addition, that “long forms of the AVPR1a rs1 and rs3 microsatellites … should predict greater levels of prosocial behavior” than the short forms. Poulin et al (2011) implemented internet-based surveys, including life-event, social and political surveys,…

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