Essay on A Discourse Of World History From The Babylonian Empire

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In a bloody battle with Necho’s Egyptian army in 605 BC, Prince Nebuchadnezzar the son of Nabopolassar, pushed the Egyptian army back across the river and claimed Judah to Babylon. After Nebuchadnezzar departed back to his homeland to ascend to the throne, Judah began to revolt against the Babylonian rule which called for the now King to return to suppress the trouble. Upon his return the King had completed many projects to remind Judah of whom their king was. One of the projects was to take some of the Jews captive to Babylon. One of the captive was a teenager by the name of Daniel. The name Daniel means, “God my judge”. Daniel was a prophet and apocalyptic of God, living during the time of 605BC – 530BC; this was also the same time as Ezra, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. As you read and study Ezra, Ezekiel and Jeremiah you will find that some of the prophecies and actions are the same. The book of Daniel displays a discourse of world history from the Babylonian empire to the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He had a mission of convincing the Jewish exiles that God is sovereign and to provide them with a vision of their future redemption as written in the Rose Book of Charts. Daniel was a youth when he was carried away to Babylon and was given the name Belteshazzar. During his time of exile God showed his hand of favor upon him by blessing him to serve at times in high office positions in the Babylonian and Persian empires. Daniel was a man that was not afraid…

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