A Different Mirror By Robert Takaki

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A DIFFERENT MIRROR BOOK REVIEW Introduction The historical mirror can guide the living, helping them realize their past and present being. The book ‘a different mirror’ presents a view of America’s many cultures through the eyes of the minority who migrated to America aiming at getting a better life, the immigrants later got short changed by slavery, discrimination and social hatred. The author Robert Takaki narrates his personal and other people’s experiences in America during an era when immigration and multicultural growth was taking place. The author being from a minority group from Japan makes suggestions of how cultural diversity can be achieved in America, helping them work together. The author explains the need for Americans …show more content…
Diverse ethnic groups have contributed to American economy, language, culture development. Americans have been viewed to be of European origin or as ‘white’ but however, multiculturalism is rapidly growing whereby most American citizens don’t trace their origin from Europe. The political environment and procedures had not put in an allowance for cultural diversity education but adopted American culture as the ultimate culture leading to social unrest and racial crisis. The author disapproves Allan bloom’s works in ‘The closing of America mind’ where he claims that black students in schools are always ethnic and have made race relations fail. The author presents Bloom and Hirsch as authors who write defensively on the need of maintaining knowledge of America literate culture. The author expresses the need for teaching multicultural education to American children as opposed to teaching only American culture literature. American cultural diversity graduation requirements in New Hampshire and Berkeley Universities help students know the different cultures they will encounter in their lives, making them see things from a different groups’ point of view. Multicultural education had become inevitable …show more content…
Therefore, it has been since that day of Virginia shore try to redefine their national identity and hence he is inviting the different races and ethnic groups to see themselves in a different mirror, helping them eliminate racism and social hatred. The author fails by printing the same of us against them in his work; he displays many authors, educational system and political leaders against the immigrants. The author fails to put across why even with so hard situations, and racism more and more immigrants were dying to migrate to America such that laws had to be made to stop them. The move shows that the author is prejudiced into printing only the wrong side of America without explaining the fruits the immigrants were reaping from America. Takaki is, however convincing by giving examples of the different ways cultural diversity can be achieved and taught in America through media, influential political leaders, integration into educational curricula, multiculturalism conferences. This would help alter the narrow and widely shared view of American as European and accept the multicolor to help America forge forward as a united nation. The author uses songs; poems and narratives prove that Americans are putting spirited efforts to work together, for example

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