A Dialogue Between Jack And Satan Essay

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This dialogue is between Jack and Satan. The conversation will help demonstrate what compelled Jack to do some of his outrageous actions. Satan is being used as the evil in man’s heart that is within all of us, especially Jack. Satan takes away the concept of ego and superego and leaves Jack with his id. This particular conversation is between Jack and Satan before the death of Simon.

Satan: Do you see that boy up there Jack? Do you know who it is?

Jack: That is Simon, I believe. Where is he coming from? And why does he look so lost?

Satan: Jack, he is coming to challenge your power. He found a man that fell from the sky. It was a parachutist from the war. You know, the thing you all thought was the beast?

Jack: What do you mean challenge my power? I am the leader on this island now! All of the boys listen to me! Ralph had his chance and failed!

Satan: Jack do you not understand! You are in power for one reason! One reason! Any challenge to you and the littluns will leave you.

Jack: What do you mean they will leave me? Where else are they going to go? And… and what is this one reason?

Satan: Jack you are such a fool. The boys are only with you for protection. You told them that you will kill the beast in order to keep them safe. They know Ralph isn’t going to protect them. Jack, they are with you because they think the beast is real. But we both know there is no beast.

Jack: I wouldn’t say the beast isn’t real. The beast is within all of us. You are the beast…

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