A Deeper Look Of A Sorrowful Woman Essay

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Tiffani Byers 12:15 P.M
ENC 1102
Ms. Angelic
20 Apr. 2015

A Deeper Look In to a Sorrowful Woman

Since early mankind, one major ongoing social issue that continues to play a big role in different parts of the world is Depression. Depression has the ability to affect someone’s daily life and the people around them making it a serious illness. This paper is written to not only discuss the different types of depression and the importance of being aware of a person’s mental health. But to also shed light on the background of depression while connecting it to one of Gail Godwin’s most powerful short stories known as “A Sorrowful Woman.” It was no second guessing that the woman in the story- who was also the main character, suffered from depression. The story is about a woman who becomes saddened and overwhelmed with her daily life, withdrawing from her husband and son. Godwin was very detailed and even gave examples that matched up with the signs and symptoms of someone having depression. These signs included isolation, fatigue, excessive sleeping, and feelings of irritability (WebMD). Many people often go through little phases where they feel sad and will sulk in their sadness by isolating themselves from others, listening to music, reading, venting their feelings via social media and even sleeping. When it comes to ways people cope with their own feelings of unhappiness and sadness there are different ways. However, the difference between being sad and having depression…

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