A Deep Analysis Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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A deep analysis of Othello reveals various similarities and differences between Iago and my friend Denzel’s revenge against a prominent person in society. In Shakespeare’s play Othello, evil Iago plots revenge on noble Othello with savage manipulating. In high school my friend Denzel got revenge on my other friend Peter by ruining his chance at dating his long time crush Jenny. Iago’s pursuit of revenge on Othello is confusing because he never had a legitimate reason to perform such devilish acts. For example during Act 1 Iago claims Othello sleeping with his wife Emilia fuels his anger toward him, even though no evidence was found to prove it. This portrays Iago as a wicked man who finds happiness in the misery of others. In high school Denzel sought out revenge against Peter because he didn’t invite him to his birthday party at Six Flags. Also out of jealousy after finding out that Peter got the lead role of Tevye in the schools play Fiddler on the Roof instead of him. Fortunately, Denzel’s revenge on Peter didn’t result in several bitter deaths like Iago’s did. It’s fascinating to witness how conflicts in a fictional play and in real life can lead to the evil act of revenge. In the play, Iago cleverly manipulates Othello into thinking that his faithful wife Desdemona has been sleeping with Cassio with a symbolic handkerchief. The simple sight of the handkerchief triggered a flurry of emotions to boil up inside Othello, which blinded him into killing his beloved wife. In…

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