Essay A Declaration Of Undying Love

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A Declaration of Undying Love Poetry is oftentimes associated with the subjects of love and romance. Poets throughout the ages have used this medium to express their deepest emotions in the most eloquent of ways. Whether the poet is a man or woman is irrelevant. Poets of both genders have succeeded in expressing a heartfelt love to another with a poetic language that speaks volumes in a relatively short amount of text. Two poets from two separate eras each wrote a poem with just such a theme. Anne Bradstreet in “To My Dear and Loving Husband” and Edgar Allan Poe in “Annabel Lee” created magic by writing these poems that express a love for another that transcends time and place. In order to understand the depth behind both poets’ poems, they must be contextualized in the eras that they were written. Bradstreet wrote “To My Dear and Loving Husband” in 1678 at a time when a Puritan influence was prevalent throughout the colonies in the new land. Ann Stanford concurs in her journal, asserting, “The Puritan attitude toward love was more utilitarian” (1). Specifically, the sole purpose of marriage during these times was procreation and devotion to God; love was not part of the equation for married couples. Therefore, it came as a surprise to have a woman write about the deepest of emotions that people can hold for one another. The question remains of why a Puritan woman would defy convention and write a poem about an issue that was taboo for the time. David Kelly…

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