A Day At The Dental Office Essay examples

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In the course of a day, there are many different types of situations that could arise. Although some situations may be more difficult than others, you can always find a solution to provide the utmost customer care. As dental professionals, we must be prepared to help our patients get well and make their visit as comfortable as possible. One common occurrence that happens in a dental office is disgruntled and/or demanding patients. Working in the office, I have encountered many situations similar to this one. I had a patient call in adamant to speak to the dentist and not taking no for an answer, she began to state “ I have been coming to your practice for years and I demand to speak directly with the dentist”! Nevertheless I advised the patient that the dentist is with a patient at the moment, we value your loyalty to our practice, although the dentist is busy I am eager to help to the best of my ability. My initial reaction when dealing with difficult patients is to take a moment to simply listen to the patient without interrupting. I would then take down any information the patient is willing to provide me with and restating the information to the patient to make them feel heard. In addition to restating back what the patient said, it is also important to demonstrate empathy to the patient making them feel genuinely understood so the patient feels another human is there to help and not feel like another transaction to the practice. The…

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