A Cure Created By Accident Essay example

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A cure created by accident was a milestone that may have the obligation to serve great significance to history’s lifespan. The power and capacity of the cure’s effect has the capability to control society and the generations to come. This particular cure was established in the novel called The Postmortal that was written by the author named Drew Magary. In this novel, a man by the name of Graham Otto, had developed a cure that impedes aging for the duration of an eternity. The thought of that seems preposterous, unimaginable, out of this world and so on. Yet, the truth is revealed that this ingenuous cure is undeniably real. From that point, society is changed for as long as the world may spin. From reading the novel myself, I strongly agree that the book reflects the state of our environmental problems (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

One immense problem in the world that exists today is the use of fallacies. While reading the book An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments, I came across various fallacies that were used within The Postmortal. For example, argument from consequences was used when the cure became accessible to those who were discrete about the process. Many people in the novel were against the idea of becoming postmortel. Their personal views of the mater were different in terms of the way the lifecycle should be. A lot of civilians believed that the cure could possible ruin civilization and turn the world upside down. However, those who disagreed…

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