Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini: An Analysis

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In the “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, Farid says to Amir “You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it.” This is an important quote in the novel because it sparks Amir’s revelation that he never had to live the life that an average Afghan had to while living in poverty. Amir began to understand how Hassan had felt and lived all their lives growing up. Overall Farid said this to Amir because Amir was Pashtun, he was sheltered from violence while growing up and because of the way Amir reacted when he returned to Afghanistan. Due to these facts Farid was correct in saying to Amir “You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it.”
In Afghanistan there are many different ethnic groups. During the time Amir was growing
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When Amir arrived to Afghanistan he actually witnessed for the first time what the Taliban had done. This was where Farid actually told Amir “You’ve always been a tourist here, you just didn’t know it.” The final reason for Farid’s words was Amir’s reaction to Afghanistan when he arrived there. When Amir saw the violence in Afghanistan he was horrified. Amir had never seen his country look like it did because he was never present to the violence. Farid became angered when he saw that Amir was overwhelmed by the Taliban because Farid had lived through it all. Farid was offended that Amir still considered himself a true Afghan when he had not lived there during the country’s darkest times. While Amir and Farid are driving Farid says to Amir “You probably lived in a big two- or three-story house with a nice backyard that your gardener filled with flowers and fruit trees” (Hosseini 244). Farid described the lifestyle that most Afghans could only dream of having. However this was the life that Amir lived. Due to the fact that Amir was sheltered from how most Afghans lived Amir believed that the rich lifestyle was normal in Afghanistan. This was what frustrated Farid the most because Amir lived much better than everyone else and never had to stick up for himself around violence yet he still considered himself a part of the country. In the end until this moment Amir never understood how the greater population had lived all his life which was the main reason Farid was angered when Amir was surprised by the violence in

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