A Culturally Influenced Attitudes And Values That Shape Who He Is As A Person

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I interviewed my friend, Chris, for this assignment. The primary and secondary dimensions and the responses to the questions he provided during the interview showcase his culturally influenced attitudes and values that shape who he is as a person. I also realized that we share common fears and hold common values, while maintaining differences as well. I learned that there are common fears and needs that are universal and felt by everyone. Based on this interview, I can see the culturally influenced attitudes and values that Chris has blended into his life. When I conducted my “cultural profile” of Chris, I wrote simple primary and secondary characteristics that I had stored in my memory from previous conversations. Some of the primary characteristics I remembered were his age, sex, and native language. I also knew some secondary characteristics such as his occupation and educational attainment. However, I learned many new things about him that showcased his values and attitudes. For example, Chris was born into the Roman Catholic faith and still practices it today. This shows that religion plays a role in his life and may influence his values. Also, he described his ethnicity as “3rd generation Russian American.” This indicates that he may hold values from both Russian and American viewpoints. It is also very evident that Chris holds values of hard work and success. The first statement he finished was, “I’m afraid that I won’t live up to my own…

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