A Conversation with My Father Essay example

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Ashley Conley
Enc 1102 8:00-9:00
13 February 2008
A Father’s Last Request The short story “A Conversation With My Father”, by Grace Paley, is written asa story within a story. The story is told by a reliable first person narrator. The Protagonist in the story is the narrator. While the gender of the narrator is never stated, the tone of the story leads me to believe it is a female. The other major character in the story is the narrator’s sick aging father, who seems to be on his death bed. Throughout the story, Paley plays on the story’s theme of different points of view. Paley shows us the father knows he is dying and has a grim look on life, while the narrator is still young and full of life, giving her a very hopeful point of
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At this point he is frustrated with a feeling of abandonment and says “ Tragedy! ... When will you look at it in the face?” (34). Paley seems to be playing heavily off the different points of view toward the end of the story. Paley lets us know in the story

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