A Comprehensive Study Of Women And The Prison System Essay examples

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“Girls and women who get caught up in the throes of justice system have often been subjected to various forms of discrimination, exploitation, and criminalization starting in early childhood. The girls who are most likely to experience such deprivations and oppressions are those who are poor and from minority groups. With female delinquents, it is often their drug use and sexual behavior that bring them to the attention of juvenile authorities. It can be argued that much of the state’s response is a criminalization of young women’s survival strategies, surviving on the streets” (Belknap, Van Wormer, Bartollas, 2014).

Mainstream research into US incarceration dynamics shows a clear bias for the male experience and depicts less information and attention regarding women and the prison system. It is my goal in this paper to discuss and investigate why it is women, but more specifically women of color, are more prevalent in the criminal justice system and why they are discriminated against more.
A comprehensive study of women in prison requires a discussion of a women’s personal upbringing, their pathways into crime, and the challenges they face reintegrating into society post-prison life. Additionally it is important to illustrate the vital theme regarding how the “war on drugs” is really a war on women and minorities.
Class and Race play a factor in drug-crime link for women, but can also be affected by their person upbringings and mental health status. Early childhood…

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